My Crazy Week.

Well, everyone I have talked to has a crazy busy week. Did we all put off tasks until after Thanksgiving? (Hi, Fellow Canadians!)

For me, it is just how the week stacked up. I have a million appointments, volunteering at my son’s school all week, a bunch of shopping to do, a birthday party to shop for, laundry to do and I am committed to finishing all of my Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body workouts this week.

I have talked to so many women today that have the same packed schedule as I do. I am going to have to put everything in to my planner and make sure I budget my time wisely. I’m an introvert, so as well as it being physically exhausting, it will be emotionally as well.

I have also been on Pinterest looking up decluttering ideas and organization! When I am super busy I notice how hard it is to find stuff. I have a million drawers and hidey-holes and places for stuff….and too much stuff. I always have an “I’ll deal with that later pile” that I NEVER do anything with. I have to be really ruthless next time I go through stuff I think. Because I would love to be able to find things quickly and efficiently. So far I have found THIS ARTICLE very helpful in the decluttering struggle.

I fit in my workout this morning so this evening I can go for coffee. It is super important to do something for yourself with other adults when you have kids. I hope your week is less crazy than mine!


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