Calgary Comic Con

A ‘staycation’ was in order for us, so we were all looking forward to Comic Con. It crept up on me! All of a sudden it was here. I was fairly unprepared. The kids wanted elaborate costumes but we didn’t have time in the end so I patched some stuff together from their wardrobe and Value Village finds, and it worked and it was super cute. Izzy was Pikachu and Hunter was Batman. Hello yellow clothing, cute red cheeks and a Pikachu toque, with a foam tail I cut out last minute. Izzy brought her sloth purse (made by a very talented friend, who seriously needs an Etsy store), and kept her small stuffed Pikachu in it as her friend. Hunter wore his Batman bunnyhug, and the Batman mask I made out of felt a long time ago. He was extremely happy with my last ditch effort. Win.

We got to the Comic Con and got in quickly. Barely any time in line waiting for wrist bands (thanks to the talented volunteers!). While we waited, Hunter’s head basically short circuited. He was so excited and surprised by every costume he saw walking by. Any boy dressed as a fellow Batman, Hunter would wave to. There was a surprising amount of Pikachus (Pikachi? What is the plural of that weird word?).

We made our plan and stuck to it. A lot of walking around, then lunch, then walk around, then listen to a guest speaker (Gwendoline Christie!!!!)  and more shopping and eating.

The highlights were:

– Coco Brooks had their usual booth to sell pizza and they had THREE gluten-free options!

– Gwendoline Christie has the most amazing, genuine laugh and is humble and interesting. (Her determination to reach her goals in life is awe-inspiring. Great role model! <3 )

– The kids happened along the Vikings demonstration just as they offered to take off their helmets and give the kids pool noodles so the kids could chase them. See that video on my Instagram page.



It was really fortunate that the Vikings made the kids day more fun, since the actual kids area at Comic Con was TERRIBLE this year. They had a bouncy house squished in to the side. My kids were told to be a bit quieter cuz there are “people gaming on the other side of the curtain” and then were told they only had 3 turns for the whole day. During those three turns they were rudely shoved through like so  many cattle. I was extremely disappointed. Thank goodness kids are resilient and, with the promise of mini donuts, were soon okay again. The mini donuts from the food truck (yay for the food trucks set up there! LOVED that), didn’t disappoint! Huge HUGE bag of mini donuts was given to us and the kids were so happy to shovel those down. My treat was a cappuccino and it may be the best cappuccino I ever had.

Fun was had by all. Hunter got two little figures, Izzy got a new Pokemon plush and I got a really kick-ass She-Ra poster!! The kids can’t wait for next year. As Hunter will say all year, “When is that Halloween show where you only have to speak to strangers if you want to and you don’t have to get candy.” See you next year Comic-Con Calgary!


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