So Isabella is still having nightmares. I am going to have to figure out a way to make her room super zen and feng shui and just the right amount of light so that she can sleep soundly. Last night we had to lay beside her for her to settle. She is a super restless sleeper and fights REM sleep. We accidentally saw an animated video of a song about zombies at Comic Con this weekend. Izzy was sobbing because every time she closed her eyes she saw it and it scared her. I lay beside her and caressed her forehead with my thumb, as I used to do when she was a baby.  As she was falling asleep beside me last night she made faces and punched the air. Restless!


This is going on two months now. I will change some stuff in her room and see if that helps. I will get her a different nightlight and I will arm her with all the coping strategies I can think of. We already tell her she is the boss in her dreams, and she has two dream catchers. I tell her to think of what she wants to dream of just before she falls asleep to “program” her brain. I do all I can.


Her lack of sleep is affecting her school work and her moods. Hoping it will pass soon. One of my friends gave me an article to read that I am excited to see. It may help me understand Izzy’s sleep patterns.


Have any of you experienced this?

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