My Daughter of the Active Imagination!

My Isabella has a new recurring nightmare. It has been a full week now. Thankfully our wonderful friend S. gave us LED lights that don’t get too hot and can be on all night. Life saver! We call them her “fairy lights”. I agreed she can keep them on at night until she feels the dream has passed. I also told her that, since we talked about it today, it probably won’t come back.

Dreams, I said, melt in the sunlight. When you tell the story of your dream in daylight the words fly out of your mouth in to the sun, which makes the dream come in contact with the light and causes it to melt and fade away. Often it doesn’t have enough strength to appear at night.

And if it does? she asked me.

If it does, I replied, you have to remember you are in control of your dream and you are in command, like the conductor is in control of the train. So repeat after me, “I am not scared of you dream! If you come back I have a magic light that will shine to your darkest corners and make you disappear! I will be courage and you will run!! AAAHHHHH!”

After a bit of yelling at the dream so it would fade in the sunlight, we decided the dream had no power over her anymore.

She thought I would laugh at her “silly” dream. Here is what it was. And, as advanced warning, it is not silly. It could be a Japanese horror film.

The dream:

Izzy and her friends are left in the school after hours. A couple of the older kids she hangs out with on the playground are there as well.(This makes it more scary for her, because if even the older kids she looks up to are scared, they must really be in trouble!) All of the lights are off except the one, and they are standing huddled in that pool of light, a safe haven. There is only one way out of the school. The only way out is a door on the other side of the school. The other side of the school is the darkest of all. The kids are all aware that if they cross to the other side they will die. They aren’t sure how, but they’re positive that if they cross over they face certain death. So they huddle together, trapped. Morning never comes and all of the grown ups are gone.


Izzy often wakes up from the dream but is pulled right back in to it. No wonder she wants the lights on.


See? Terrifying! I think I should turn it in to a short story and create an end. Her imagination has taken over here completely. Izzy says nothing brought this on and it just appeared. It was nothing she saw or over-heard. Crazy. It does make her very nervous to go to school tho! I hope my ideas worked and she is fine tonight. *crossing fingers*.

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