Tomorrow Might as Well be a Clear Day

A few things happened to me in the last bit that have changed my perspective on things. I feel as if I am in a better head space lately.

I read an article that encouraged me to quit self-sabotaging and love myself, jiggly bits and all, and quit trying to “improve” myself. Instead, love yourself as you are and you will do things that will make you happy naturally. When you feel emotionally balanced, you will become physically balanced. Then, push yourself in healthy ways to stay balanced and motivated. Take those small risks, treat yourself well, and keep smiling.

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My mother was able to finalize her divorce and you would think *poof* happiness. But it is a period of adjustment for sure. And there are still things being said that are hurting her. I thought I would magically be done thinking of what my family has become but it’s not that easy. HOWEVER- I have come to the conclusion that these things are happening outside of my control and I can internalize that evil and blackness or-  I can think about it, mourn that it exists, and move on to be better in my own life for myself, my friends, and my kids. Which I will. Why perpetuate the cycle? Why not decide that tomorrow might as well be a clear day.

In fact, that is a good mantra:
“Tomorrow might as well be a clear day”.

Excellent idea. To me that means choosing your attitude for the coming day. At night, before you fall asleep, think of the coming day. Instead of feeling anxious or overwhelmed about your to-do list or duties, clear your mind and breathe for a minute. Remind yourself that you are lucky to have these responsibilities and remember that you do these things to benefit those you love and respect. Once your perspective has shifted, play with the idea of a NOT To-Do list. Add all of the things you DON’T have to do tomorrow, from the mundane to complex to silly. It will make you more relaxed and give you a smile. After all, you might as well choose a clear day.

Yesterday, my husband and I did yoga for the first time in a long time. It felt amazing. I am far less flexible than I was when we did it 2-3 times a week. Our months long hiatus has really set me back but I’m not discouraged! I am excited to get back in to it. Ballet, yoga, and my physio exercises are my focus right now. Balance and flexibility are important to me right now. When I have those back and my therapist clears me to try, I will add my strength training and running back in to the mix.

After yoga last night I felt so calm and centered. I missed that feeling like an ex-junkie must miss heroin. I have put yoga in our schedule for Wednesdays and Saturdays and I’m excited about that. I have learned that if I don’t schedule it in I won’t do it. If I schedule it in as part of my to-do list (laundry, dishes, baking, yoga) I will do it. How odd.

Today I am focusing on the things that fall by the wayside. I am cleaning out that pantry shelf, organizing and dusting my display cabinet, writing letters, and doing puzzles with my son. Have a lazy, balanced, smiling day everyone!

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