Early Resolutions

I have already been thinking of changes I want to make in my life. My life has been so busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and give myself a moment. Sadly, meditation has also fallen by the wayside.

My mind’s thoughts always seem to start with, “If I had a bit of time I would…” so I am basing my choices on this. I think if I follow through on these promises to myself I will also find myself at a healthy weight, with clear skin, and with more patience as a result.




  1. Make time to meditate, even if only 5 minutes a day
  2. Finish writing 10 pages of story or journal a week
  3. Drink tons of lemon water
  4. Read at night for 10 minutes
  5. Make and maintain a constantly changing vision board
  6. Purge stuff I no longer need, being honest about what I will fix or actually use in the next  6 months
  7. Get rid of all clothes I have outgrown and scour thrift stores for replacements of the basics
  8. Buy less
  9. Blog once a week
  10. Do something purely for me once a week; whether it is holing up in my bedroom watching bad Netflix movies or music videos on Youtube, practicing drawing, listening to vinyl, taking myself to coffee, finishing a scrapbook, or crochet
  11. Yoga. Way, way, way more yoga. At least once a week with the goal being two to three times a week
  12. Eat less packaged food and meal prep

These are my goals. They are not new year goals, but life long ones. These are things I hope to make a habit of for the rest of my life since they are all sure to make me a more balanced person. I love all of these things and need to realize that taking myself away to accomplish these things isn’t selfish but necessary. It’s a gift to my family for me to be more relaxed, more present in the moment, of clear head and calm body, and less of a perfectionist. My other goal is to talk less, listen more, and ask more questions.

Do you have goals for yourself? What are they?


What success looks like! (I stole this off of a FB post so if it is yours let me know and I will credit you) :)

What success looks like! (I stole this off of a FB post so if it is yours let me know and I will credit you) 🙂




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