A Year of Social Connection and Personal Reinvention.

I have been spending a little bit of time on the internet lately. Well, I have been spending a little bit of time procrastinating lately. It doesn’t feel like December so I don’t feel the crunch to get my handmade Christmas gifts done like I should. But I will!

So while I was procrastinating I have noticed there have been a lot of “change the rules” or “break the mold” kind of websites that are becoming very popular and profitable. I predict this will be a year of more social connection (how many websites encourage you to take time away from your phone and computer. Answer: SO many!), and of personal reinvention.  Two websites I follow that embrace this ideal are the  “Make Your Own Rules” Yoga and cookbook from Tara Stiles and the “Radical Self Love” website from Gala Darling. Both have the same kind of feel running through them. Now is the time where radical or rebellious means to do everything you can to keep yourself emotionally and physically healthy, even if it means questioning authorities on traditional means of health and exercise. Think outside the box kind of thinking. The punk kids now are eating vegan and refusing to drink. Think back to Joan Jett- different kind of punk, no?

I like this type of thinking. It’s as if we are reinventing the idea of “hippie” and taking another, kinder, stab at what it means to be a feminist. Well, mostly.

I hate this kind of thing:





I hate this so much. Why? It makes men sound like doorknobs who only think with their penis and want doormats, or bobble heads that nod yes all day, as wives and girlfriends. It makes them sound as if they are not intelligent enough to recognize and enjoy an intelligent woman. It makes them sound insecure, impolite, and downright terrible. It makes men sound like the enemy or neanderthals, with only a few bright and shining stars among them. This is NOT feminism, NOT. Feminism is meant to be about equal (but different). Females have many differences from men, and beyond our genitalia. Feminism is about embracing this while still being treated equally in the workplace (ahem, wages) and in life. I don’t want to go in to the rape cases that are so prominent right now but it is a shame that some women had to speak up for years and be ignored until they formed a team or had a man speak up on their behalf. That’s a whole other issue, but it brings home my point. I think Feminism is about equality and fairness and- most of all!!- RESPECT. Basically, Sesame Street values. If it’s mean, don’t say it. Whether you are talking about a man or a woman. It shouldn’t matter. Mean? Don’t say it.

As I said though, I feel like all of this is being slowly reinvented. There is a slow movement going on that is all about namaste values from yoga, and about wellness. People seem to be slowly choosing these over wealth and competition. At least that is how I interpret the trends on the internet and among my friend group. Restaurants, billboards and even supermarkets have followed and supported this trend. Our supermarket, for example, has expanded it’s all natural health food aisle from a mere half an aisle to a full three aisles in the past couple of years. That’s huge!

We are also seeing a trend of gardening and a lot of do it yourself. More and more I hear people say, “I was going to buy it but I bet I could make it myself. And in better quality”, and this makes my heart sing if it means people are choosing quality over quantity.

I hope this is the ripple that starts the wave!

Before I sign off, here is a link to an article I really enjoyed on the subject from the wonderful website, MindBodyGreen.



Have a good night!

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