Our Master Bedroom Redecoration

We rent. However, our rental property doesn’t have to be a jumble of random hand me down furniture and a flurry of photos. We’ve been here 5 years and will probably be here for another 5 years before we can afford to buy. We are in no hurry to buy and are okay renting. The only thing that bugged me was our bedroom. After I did Isabella’s bedroom in May, I realized the potential of these rooms. The current colour of my room was the cheap ivory colour that the landlord had put in. It was somewhere between dirt and beige, and it looked grungy and depressing all of the time. Why should I wait 5 more years (minimum) to have my dream bedroom??

Armed with $100 in paint and paint supplies, varnish remover, a twenty dollar second hand canvas print (a find at Value Village), and some other second hand decorations, I went to work. Here is the happy result.

Oh, before we start….

The paint is Dulux brand (their cheapest option), over top of tinted primer also from Dulux, and is called “Sensual”. I looked through hundreds of blues until I finally settled on this and only looked at the name as an afterthought. I had to laugh when I saw the name of it because it was so fitting. I used Dulux’s online “view in your room” option and it was surprisingly accurate to the result we got. We love this blue because it changes a lot during the day, depending on the light streaming in. In the morning it is a light, fragile, almost robin’s egg pure blue, in the afternoon it is a deeper shade of blue with a bit of gray in it but still uplifting, and in the evening it has a lavender edge to it. It’s my favourite. Also, a notable mention is the purple fabric above the bed. I was going to turn it in to decorative pillows but then the Husband had a great idea. Our ceiling has been water damaged since some was able to leak in before they re-did our roof a couple of summers ago. Which means yellow spots above us when we wake up. Not very joyful to wake up to. It looks like coffee stains or pee stains, depending on where you look. Gross. So what we did was we hung up the fabric above the bed. It works. It should be a longer piece of fabric so it drapes a bit better but it works. Now I wake up and look at bejeweled purple flowers. A nicer way to start the day, for sure. The dressers were my grandparents and are solid oak. I am proud to own them now. After the go ahead from my mom, I stripped them, sanded them, and repainted them black. They look gorgeous.

Enjoy looking at the results. I am very happy with it.



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