We went to a Superhero Themed Wedding and It Was the BEST

We went to our friend’s wedding. They hosted it at the zoo which meant we got a free zoo pass during the day. We had fun for two hours at the zoo and then went to the reception. Best wedding ever.  There was mini golf, mini games, table hockey, a bouncy house and hoops. There was great music and dancing and superhero cupcakes. The bride wore Batman and the groom wore Star Trek. My kids danced til midnight! Literally. We got home at 12:30 am. The next day was a huge yummy brunch at the Westin hotel with great food and wonderful people. Many people had been up nearly all night at the after party so they had comfy chairs set up in one corner and classic cartoons projected on to the wall (TMNT Anyone? or is Pinky and the Brain more your thing?). It was the most fun ever. Here are some highlights.

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