Simon Cat: An update on my cat’s illness

DSCN0498Cat Update.

I’ll backtrack just in case. Simon wasn’t peeing in his litterbox. And he was peeing on the floor or in front of the front door on the mat. I thought at first Hunter was having accidents and not telling me he got pee in the carpet. Then I saw Simon and he looked uncomfortable while peeing.

My sister was able to look after the kids while we took Simon to the vet. By this point he would yowl while peeing, like cat screams. He was lethargic and not himself. We took him, expecting the worst. He was diagnosed with “Urinary crystals” which also has a big long name…. basically, “In FUS/FLUTD, sharp crystals fall out of solution in your cat’s urine while it is still in the bladder. These crystals irritate the lining of the cat’s lower urinary tract. When they mix with debris, sloughed from the bladder lining, they can prevent your cat from urinating.”


We got him meds, and a new litter box. I monitored, as instructed, how much of the new food he ate, his water intake, his litter box, how often and how much he peed, cleaned the litter box every day and gave him medicine.

We went back for a follow-up and got the all clear.
Then two weeks or a bit more later, the kids went camping and Simon decided to focus his attention on my Birkenstocks style sandals. He pee’d so expertly that I didn’t know about the inch of pee pooled in the bottom until I stuck my foot in them to wear them. YUCK. I thought maybe cuz the kids had left? About a week after the kids came back, I came back from grocery shopping, took my shoes off, and as I was in the kitchen, he stood and positioned himself over my right shoe. He peed right in it. Not Josh’s shoes, that were beside mine, but my shoe….on purpose. If anything that week I had lavished more attention on him and he’d gotten a lot of petting, sitting on my lap time and treats.
I called the vet and she said possible bladder infection and to bring him in.
I took him to the vet. It was a new vet. She couldn’t take a urine sample since he’d peed in fear when a huge dog had come in the vet’s office. So she asks me all these questions, sure it is behavioural since his bladder feels fine. She even asked if the neighbours had gotten a new pet that Simon could see through the window and not like…no, to every question, no. She said she didn’t know and that I should either A) bring him in again for a urinalysis or B) collect the urine myself with special litter. I chose B cuz I didn’t want to pay for another 60$ visit for possibly nothing.  :/ Plus, if I took the urine sample, I was instructed that it wouldn’t be sterile so ….it would go…..urine sample collected by me, then sterile one by them, urinalysis of both, then if that wasn’t conclusive a bunch of blood work….. Eek. Also, She said maybe his bladder is still irritated from the previous condition and gave him pain meds. Being a sucker I paid 90$ for the visit and felt screwed over by the vet clinic. I decided not to take a sample and just monitor Simon more carefully. Then, if need be, book another vet appointment.And then nothing. He seemed fine.

Until last night when I turned the dryer downstairs on. Simon was by the front door and something in the dryer started to thump as it turned. He could hear it through the heating vent, got jumpy and he peed himself. He jumped a little as if startled, looked embarrassed and ran away. Then, in embarrassment?, was mean to Kali for awhile. Hissing at and smacking her if she walked close to him or smelled his nose.

So now I’m thinking it is random stress that is causing this and it bugs me cuz I feel there is no solution to this and no end in sight…..

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