“Maude” and “Lloyd” go on an Adventure

DSC00188My friend Randey and I go on outings. Silly things. Like the stuffed gopher museum and other things even seniors would enjoy. Nerdy outings. Visiting ghost towns or checking out diners. I have a soft spot in my heart for diners and 50’s fashion….but this time we went to a thrift shop type store. On our trips we go by our “senior” names, “Lloyd” and “Maude”. Lloyd/Randey wrote: “Owned and operated by Marilyn ‘Dice Lady’ Serson, Dicelady’s Deals is located just an hour away from Calgary. It’s an eclectic, yet charming mix of collectible/thrift store and cafe/diner all in one [well…really two joined together] building.”


Marilyn is the nicest lady you will ever meet. At first it looks like a random pile of forgottens in her store but on closer inspection there are some really rare or wonderful finds, kitschy, collectible, nostalgic and otherwise. I could have looked for longer than a day. I did at least 6 rounds around her little shop and each time I saw something different. Of course I was drawn to the true antiques that were way above my budget and quickly put them down before I broke them as soon as I saw the price. I did find a couple of cute things to buy that fit my budget. We also saw comic book covers to make us laugh and dolls that creeped us out. After our search we made good use of the diner part. We chatted with Marilyn as she made our wonderful sausage lunch (and accompanied by some of the yummiest fries!), along with our drinks. I had an Irish Cream flavoured milkshake that I am still randomly craving….worth a drive just for that I think. We sat and talked for hours and then thanked the amazing Marilyn before heading home. A really good day.

To fully get the scope of our wonderful little find, here are some photos from our day.

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