Running Back and Forth Between Tiny Disasters

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I have had quite the day.

The husband sneaked out of bed first and went downstairs to make breakfast. I got up and got the kids out of their rooms.

Husband made eggs, sausages, and hash browns, then served it with french bread and jam. He wanted a good base in his stomach before he went out St Paddy’s Day drinking with his best friend. (Now, no hard feelings there. He gets to see his friend around twice a year lately cuz they live on opposite ends of the city and are so busy with work. I encouraged him to go!)

9:15 am – the Husband leaves.

9:20 am- I run back and forth between disasters!

So it went a little like this….

Husband leaves and the kids go to watch a show in the living room. I notice a cheese spill on my newly cleaned burners so decide to get scrubbing that after I wash the pots. The kids start fighting. I go down to the living room and break up the fight. I set up Izzy with crayons and paper at the computer desk so she can draw a card for the Grammas. I set up Hunter with cars on the floor so he can play on his own. I run back to the kitchen and scrub the burner. I hear a choking noise to turn to the dining room and see Simon-cat puke up a hairball the size of a large hamster. Then puke up water, then puke up some more hair covered in bile. I clean it up and put the burner back together. And I run to the living room to check on the kids. Hunter has gotten a crayon from Izzy and has coloured the speakers. Argh! I run and get a scrubbie and manage to get it off and lay down the law with Hunter. I run back to the kitchen and get the kids a snack. I rescue a toy from getting chewed from Kali and throw Hunter on his potty on the way back to the kitchen so he doesn’t have an accident (almost successfully potty trained!). I sneak upstairs and get dressed!! I even get to drink my coffee a little. (Thank you tv shows for the distraction!) The kids eat lunch with a few minor spills to clean up. They get down and start running around, chasing each other around the circle created by doorways and hallways surrounding our kitchen. I am so glad they are happy that I sneak downstairs to switch the laundry. A minute later Hunter comes downstairs and says, “Mommy, I spill Kali’s water!” So I run upstairs to see a river starting in the hallway. I run upstairs to the 4th floor and grab a towel, then run down to the main floor and mop it up.

Finally! Nap time. I put on a face mask, a Grey’s Anatomy and get some ice cream. My feet are sore from the running around and the head is sore from damage control. Now is me time!


I have a feeling I will be doing damage control with the Husband’s hangover later since he’s been out since 10 am and it is now 3pm…… 🙂

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