I Love My Job as a Stay At Home Mom.

I love my job as a stay-at-home mom. And yes, it is a JOB not a life choice etc. I’m not (whisper, whisper “just a stay at home mom”(whisper, whisper); but a STAY AT HOME MOM (job title shouted proudly).

When I was  in Grade 11 I had to go see my guidance counselor and pick a career path so I could prepare for graduation. When I said my only dream ever was to be a stay at home mom that wrote on the side she laughed at me a little. She was very much a “strong, independent lady” that wanted to encourage all of us to be strong, independent and career oriented. She had kids but they did not define who she was and she loved teaching and being a counselor. I had to find my path since a loving husband and kids depended on so many factors that I couldn’t control. I understood but in my heart of hearts I knew I would be a married mom someday. A friend I met years later said, ‘you have to think of the things you really want and put them in your heart, and then those things will eventually happen. You will unknowingly make the choices that will lead you to your goal and as you reach out towards your goal and make seemingly mundane and endless decisions, subconsciously you will be moving towards your wants and desires, even if it takes longer than you think it should.” Also known as positive thinking.

I believe that.  I wanted a certain type of person in my life and I wrote a list of emotional needs and personality traits that I wanted in my future partner. A few years later I found him and had the marriage and kids I always knew I deserved. Now that I have that, I am inspired to have a career once the kids are in school.

It makes for a great life. You have to be willing to picture your perfect life. Don’t be bullied in to what other people think it should be. Figure out what you want and don’t sit and wait for it. Reach out and grab for it.

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