Kalispell, Montana. Part 3.

Day Three, February 12, 2012. Our Final Day of the Trip!

Our last day in Kalispell! We had to get going that day, so after a quick breakfast in the lobby (blueberry muffins and coffee again, with a tiny bowl of Froot Loops on the side), we got going. We talked to the desk girl a little about the sad news of Whitney Houston’s death before wishing her a good day. She was the same red-head as the day before. I was starting to feel like I knew her! We filled up our travel mugs, then went back to the room to shower and pack.

Ready to leave the hotel room.

I took a ton of photos of Kalispell’s downtown to remember it. Here are some:

I couldn’t help but picture cats going to get their facial fur being trimmed here! Hehe.

There were a couple interesting things about Kalispell. There seems to be a church followed by a casino every half block.

There is a church just past this I believe.

I didn’t see hardly any liquor stores, Starbucks or McDonald’s. Your choices in and around Kalispell seem to be Taco Bell, A&W or KFC.

There was also this church, or “church”. Once we looked up their website it seemed to be more of a cult. We laughed since they seem to be trying too hard, and also cringed cuz the main guy seems crazy fanatical. But if you look it up, decide for yourself.

Then we took one last look at Target and drove out of Kalispell, Montana. We’ll definitely be back! It was super fun and the people were so friendly.

The drive back was fairly uneventful. We did stop in Essex for the best burger and fries I have ever had tho!
We stopped here:

Which had an atmosphere inside that was quiet and old school. Neat artifacts like this:

But we ate upstairs, where I had a pesto and roasted red pepper burger that was incredible.

Watching the big flakes of snow fall outside, and the trains go by.

And then it was time to go back on the road, all the way home.

The border crossing.

And then we were home soon after, ready to look through all of the things we’d bought. 🙂

Cereal is way cheaper in the USA and there is way more selection.

It was such a great trip. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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