New Year, New Hopes

1. I will post at least once a week on this blog.

2. I will be more consistent in my parenting.

3. I will try to be more organized. But if things fall by the wayside cuz I was too busy playing with the kids, or doing something creative, I will not beat myself up over it. Just because a cupboard is disorganized, or a few toys didn’t get put away, does not mean I live at Grey Gardens.

4. I will inject more bright colour in to my life.

5. I will not start 10 page (or even ten item) to do lists that I cannot finish, thus frustrating me for the rest of the day, week, month. I am addicted to list making, but will keep it to 3 items max.

6. I will get over “Girl Hate”.

7. Instead of focusing on the scale, I will focus on how much I improve every kickboxing class.

And My BIGGEST Resolution:

8. I will not stop making new resolutions. Every day is a new opportunity for success. Corny, but I truly believe we are never done improving ourselves and there is no such thing as a complete fail, but a new opportunity. Doors shutting, windows opening and all that!

Bring it on 2012, I’m ready!

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