DIY “Perfume” Your Kids Can Make!

(Let’s be honest….

Enough of winter already! Even on sunshine days, the extreme cold has kept me inside and I’m getting the blues. The kids are also feeling it and the cabin fever is real, folks. I think it’s time for a craft that reminds us that Spring will return- even if it means going to the store to buy pre-cut herbs and flowers. Enjoy this guest post from FragranceX, that helps bring Spring back early, in the form of DIY “perfume”! )

Any excuse to spend time with your kid is a good one, but it’s those extra special activities that intersect fun and function that are often the best. It’s amazing to watch your child learn and experience right before your very eyes!

Well, this kid’s craft from FragranceX is one of those activities. In it, kids can make their own perfume out of different things like flowers, herbs and fruit! They use their sense of smell and their fine motor skills to pick appealing fragrances and mix them up.

In the way of supplies, all you’ll need is this:

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies you’re ready to prepare your materials. Spread everything out on a child-safe table and chop any fruit or flowers needed beforehand. Talk to your kids about what scents you might want to include. Now you’re ready to go!

Step 1: Choose Your Herbs and Flowers

Your kids can either use their hands or child-safe scissors to cut the leaves off of herbs or tear the petals off flowers. They can crush them in their hands to release the scents and then place them in a large mason jar.

Step 2: Choose Your Fruits

Next, decide which fruits will best complement the chosen herbs and flowers. Have your kid sniff the available fruits and describe what they are smelling. Once they’ve found a favorite, have them place it in the mason jar as well.

Step 3: Add Your Flare

At this point, fill your mason jars ¾ of the way with water. If you like, your kids can add food coloring (or pre-mixed water food coloring) as well as glitter to the mix. Watch their eyes light up as the glitter shimmers and the colors swirl!

Step 4: Funnel Your “Perfume”

Let your mixture sit for 30-ish minutes. Then, (in order to create the effect of making perfume), funnel the liquid contents of the large mason jar into smaller spray bottles. Keep in mind that the larger pieces will likely need to be removed beforehand or will filter out themselves. You will probably need to help your kiddos with this step.

Step 5: Attach Your Label

Lastly, print out the labels (which can be found here) on either regular paper or sticker paper. Cut out your favorite and affix it to the spray bottle using either tape or the sticky side (if you chose sticker paper). There are pre-made perfume names or you can choose your own and write it in!

This is all you need to do to have some homemade kids “perfume”! Keep in mind that you will want to check the perfume every couple of days to ensure that it hasn’t spoiled. After all — the fun is in creating the concoction, it’s not made to last forever!





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