Why You Need a Living Plant Wall: Benefits + Tips

*This is a guest post from ProFlowers that I’m very excited to post!*

If you are in need of a gorgeous eco-friendly feature that has a huge wow factor, look no further because a living wall is the answer to your prayers. These beautiful designs feature live plants to create an aesthetic and practical addition to your home. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and commitment to sustainability — there are endless options for every style, budget and space.

In recent years, eco-friendly building practices have seen a prominent upward trend. Odds are you’ve seen these striking features on the facades and interiors of many buildings and businesses. More and more people are taking on similar projects, creating living walls on the interiors and exteriors in their own homes.

These homeowners are reaping many benefits from their living walls including:

  • Cleaner air: Plants act as living air purifiers by pulling toxins and pollution from the air. The new oxygen being released into your space gives you a continual feeling of fresh air even when it’s too cold to pop open a window. Another health benefit associated with clean air is deeper and more fulfilling sleep.
  • A quieter environment: The plant walls provide a natural sound barrier for your space, keeping sound in and dampening sounds from outside. Try installing your living wall on a wall that you share with a neighbor or one facing a source of outside noise, like a road.
  • Reduced electricity use: Another benefit that stems from a living plant wall’s ability to act as a natural barrier is its ability to insulate a space. This works especially well when you want to keep a space cool, you should see a healthy drop in your electrical usage depending on the size and thickness of your plant wall.
  • A healthier state of mind: Being surrounded by your own personal garden, forest or jungle has major benefits for your psyche. Plants have been shown to decrease stress and increase productivity — one of the many reasons that they are often incorporated into modern office spaces.

Check out ProFlower’s helpful living wall infographic below for information about how to pick the right plants and design for your own space!

Check out: https://www.proflowers.com/blog/living-wall-designs





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