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I am organizing my life today! De-cluttering, filing papers, and making lists. 

October is going to be a big month for me: I have resolved to soothe my financial worries and I’m determined to fix my gut health. 

I am sick of anxiety about money. I am also sick of being physically sick. 

So, today, I typed up lists of approved foods on the diet plan I have chosen, which is the Wahls Paleo Plus eating plan. I have heard, through the grapevine, that it has helped others who are Celiac and suffer from leaky gut. It is a bit like Paleo and a bit like Keto but different from both. So far, I feel like I have been stumbling around in the dark, trying to blindly figure out what to eat. When I read Dr Terry Wahls’ book, so many light-bulbs turned on! I really hope it will help. It definitely won’t hurt to try. 

I’m starting October 1st, easing myself into it to avoid stomach upsets. Have you tried it for this reason? Did it help your gut health and food sensitivities? Let me know! 

(I’m a little nervous about eating so much organ meat and algae/seaweed. Yep, those are in the meal plans!)

Our family went to a wedding, which meant traveling to Jasper and being away from my fridge. Restaurant food was amazing all weekend, but it also contained some dairy and eggs- through necessity at my hotel and through my choices at restaurants. Also, I didn’t eat at my usual times. My digestion didn’t like that! Just gives me more motivation to start a new meal plan and repair my leaky, battered, tired gut. 

I’m also starting a financial plan based on years of research and the wonderful book, Worry-Free Money, by Shannon Lee Simmons.

For years, I have had bits and pieces of knowledge from professionals, but still felt powerless around money and didn’t use any of the advice. Enough is enough. We need to save to do our basement so both of the kids have their own rooms, so at least we have the motivation and solid timeline!

Cait Flander’s book, The Year of Less, is helping, too. By having a support system with two of my friends, it will be easier to save. We each have different savings goals and are going to be there for one another when we are tempted to spend. This will be huge for me- I can’t wait to share how I’m doing with all of you. 

Another life-changer is that we have a filing cabinet now! I’m nerdily (yeah that’s a word now) excited about it. This morning, I pulled all my boxes of papers out of storage and have began organizing. Soon, they’ll be in a carefully labeled filing cabinet, easy to find and grab. For the past year, our papers have just been piling up in random places or in boxes! Which means, every time I need to grab a document, it ends in a long search and me in tears. This is what happens when your tiny filing cabinet breaks in the move but was never enough storage anyway.

Today, I’m oddly motivated to get this done.  There are lists of foods to eat on the fridge, my bullet journal is updated, and I’ve typed up our financial plan. My energy isn’t always this high, so I’m embracing it and getting as much done as possible! 

I hope your day is going as well as mine, whether it’s resting for self-care or getting your stuff done, like me. 

In Sickness and In Health.
Dear Unhealthy Self, I’m Here For You. Love, Healthy Self.
Pain is My Middle Name

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