Cute Snack Ideas For Your Kids

This guest post from Personal Creations will have you looking forward to picnic lunches, summer snack choices, or…. to making your kid’s school lunches in a month’s time!

Snack time is so important for keeping you and your kids’ energy going through the afternoon. So, why not have fun with it too? There are lots of cute recipes you and the kiddos can make, with basic ingredients that are already in the pantry.

You’ll be satisfying their rumbling stomachs while making them smile! Even the pickiest of eaters will love these healthy and adorable kids snacks.

Superhero Pita

This recipe is a fun twist on an adult favorite: pretzel crackers and hummus. To make these little guys, use a cookie cutter to create circular pita breads. Spread with hummus and place a flat pretzel cracker for the superhero mask, using shredded veggies like celery or carrots for crazy hair. Finally, use half an olive slice for the superhero’s big grin.


Teddy Bear Toast

For this snack, begin with a toasted slice of bread. Spread a layer of your kiddo’s favorite nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew, etc). Cut banana slices for the ears, and the tip of the banana for the bear’s snout. Make a cute little face using raisins for the eyes and nose. Two cashews or more raisins make the perfect grin, and this snack is ready to eat!


Penguin Cucumber

All you need are 3 veggies to make this recipe: cucumbers, carrots, and black olives. Use two cucumber slices to make the penguin’s head and body. Cut triangles of cucumber for the flippers. Cut three triangles out of carrot for the beak and legs. Lastly, add black olive slices for two, big penguin eyes.


Nut Butter Critters

These critters are so stinkin’ cute. To make a snail, fill a celery stick with peanut butter (or favourite nut butter). Place an apple slice face down into the peanut butter. Use tiny pieces of pretzel for antennae and two little raisins for eyes. For the butterfly, start with the same peanut butter filled celery. Place three dried fruits along its back, like dried blueberries or cranberries. With leftover pretzel crackers from the Superhero Pita, create the wings. Eyes and antennae are the final step before this little critter is ready to take flight!


Frog Avocado English Muffin

This treat actually makes for a great breakfast. On a toasted english muffin, spread some mashed avocado. Use two slices of a hard boiled egg for the eyes, with olive slices for pupils. Create his mouth with some sliced carrots and voila! A healthy and filling kid’s breakfast or snack.


Fruit Friends

Fruit Friends are a super quick and easy way to get fruit into your children’s diet. With a kiwi or clementine, peel the bottom ⅔ of skin away, leaving just a little bit of “hair” on top. Use toothpicks to hold the dried blueberry eyes in place. Use a bite-sized piece of pretzel to create a smile. Just be careful nobody bites into the toothpicks!


Veggie Train

The Veggie Train is a great option for after school, when friends come to visit! Hollow out some colorful bell peppers to act as train cars. Fill them with carrots, celery, cucumber, or whatever vegetables your kids prefer. Use a toothpick to attach four cucumber “wheels” to each car. You can even fill up the last car with plain yogurt to substitute ranch. Gather the kids around the table for a healthy snack of veggies and dip!

These snacks from the folks at Personal Creations are great ways to get the kids eating their fruits and veggies. Whether they like sweet or savory, there’s recipes for everyone. Which of these snacks will appear in your kids’ next sack lunch?

Please let me know if you make these snacks and tag me on IG with any photos (@babblingpanda)! I think the veggie train would be great for family BBQs. 

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