My Life Is Boxes

Exciting news! We are moving out of our cave of a townhouse and ending our rental life. With a government program, (Attainable Homes), we were able to get help with a down payment and we’re buying a small townhouse. For years, Josh and I have been obsessed with moving into the smallest space that would be comfortable for our family. We love the tiny house movement because it has finally caught up with our sensibilities. I know that, as you have a family it is normal to move up in space, but we have decided to do the opposite. We may be nuts! But we strongly believe in doing what makes your life shine and fits your lifestyle. For our family, we hate cleaning, love hanging out in the same room, and hate owning too much stuff. We feel lighter and happier knowing that we will be moving into a smaller townhouse. There are a couple downsides but they’re not insurmountable. The kids have to share a room at first. We will have to finish the basement and add a room down there that one of them can sleep in, and I’m thinking we will move Iz down there eventually. So that will require some saving. The other little downside is that our outdoor space is teeny-tiny. But it is enough for a few people to sit in and I can have a tiny garden. Plus, we are right by one of the best parks in the city, so we will use that as “our” backyard! I don’t think we would keep up with the maintenance of a big backyard anyway. I love that tiny spaces are “in” now so that there are a lot of storage space solutions online.


I don’t love packing though. We are downsizing, yes, but we still have a ton of stuff. My life is boxes. I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Boxes. It will be worth it but I am a little cranky lately. I continue to declutter as I go, since we are going from nine big rooms to six small rooms, so I am always keeping that in mind. I am staying organized and going room by room, packing up what I can and then cleaning it. The kids have been a HUGE help. Hunter is very emotional about the whole thing, but he tells me that, overall, he is excited. It’s just a lot for them and they are going to have to change schools, which they are nervous about. We have to wait to enroll them, which is killing me because I want it done NOW. I am not patient and I just want everything to happen for sure so I can plan things.

Anyway, random thoughts of the day, and I had better go back to packing. I cannot wait to show you before and after photos of our new place!!


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