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The Power of Being Alone

Wondering Wednesday: The Power of Being Alone. I recently had coffee with a friend who went on a month long trip and spent some of that time traveling alone. Normally an extremely social person who likes to have a friend along, she decided that this time she would do some of it on her own. She looked at landmarks, asked…

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Why Rewarding Expected Behaviour In Your Kids Is Wrong

I was on Pinterest today. There were so many pins and boards dedicated to motivating kids to do chores. A lot of the pins involved crafts to set up punch cards or checklists for chores, and at the end the child would receive a reward. I was thinking a sticker, or a family bike ride, a movie night,  or something…

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I Have Too Much

I have the basics, I am happy. I have more than the basics. I am happy. Am I slightly annoyed I don’t have more than the more than basics? Sometimes. I wish my sewing machine worked. Right now I hand sew the toys and the clothes that need mending but I am happy enough to do this instead of replacing…

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