I’m Tianna, Mom of 2 amazing kids. Both of my kids are “twice-exceptional”(2E); My daughter has ADHD plus giftedness and my son is ASD plus highly-gifted & both of them deal with sensory issues. It seems to be an especially strange (and sometimes isolating) journey to parent exceptional kids. I felt that sharing my stories on this blog could create a space to connect with like-minded parents.

I keep busy altering my parenting strategy with each new life stage, taking parenting courses to learn how my kids think, and making eco-friendly crafts for my side-hustle, Babbling Panda Yarns.

Parenting ALL kids is so challenging: whether you’re trying to parent typical or atypical kids, hopefully you find this a safe space to read & share stories and experiences.

I’m also a huge nature-lover. I want to create a healthier Earth for my kids’ future. I love exploring eco-conscious living- Pinterest is a treasure trove of stuff that MIGHT work, haha. We also love hiking and snowshoeing! (We’re so Canadian:) )

In this space, I will share stories & personal experiences in a very raw, real way; creating connections between parents- especially those of us with special-needs kids. I hope this grows in to a place where we learn (& learn to embrace imperfect attempts) together- all while being mindful about our connection to nature.

Let’s get real and share some real talk about parenting exceptional kids with incredible love. I hope you find a sense of community here.

I’d love to introduce you further to my kids:

Read more about Isabella’s story HERE.

Read more about Hunter’s story HERE.

You can check out more of what I love, in my fave places to hang out on the internet, other than here, of course:

Add me to IG: @babblingpanda

On Pinterest I’m: Babbling Panda-Tianna

Let me know if you have any questions! I love to hear about you, too. <3

Submission Requests:

Want to write for me? Please read the guidelines –>HERE<– first. (Original, unpublished articles only, please. You do not need to be a professional- if you have a viewpoint you want to share, just let me know). If you think your writing is a good match, contact me to contribute. Looking forward to it.

Want me to write for you? I was a contributor for The Sheaf, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, MindBodyGreen and several online zines and blogs. I specialize in writing about parenting, mental health, and living gluten-free. I would be willing to contribute to like-minded publications.

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