Write For Me.

**Submissions are paused until January 2020. 

Thank you for all of your posts so far and see you in the new year!**

Have an idea that you believe would suit my blog? Write for me! 

Perhaps you have a new gluten-free and gut-friendly recipe to share,  parenting tips or stories to relate, or eco-friendly tips to help readers stay environmentally-friendly.

I would love for you to share it on my blog. 

Although Babbling Panda doesn’t pay for submissions at this time, I hope to help you gain a little more exposure by writing for me. I am also open to trading blog posts if you have a site you would like me to write for- just let me know. 

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your wonderful ideas! 

Please read the rules carefully before sending me an email. (Thank you!)



Rules for submissions:

  • Please email me with a clear idea or outline of what you would like to submit. Vague ideas or general requests will not be considered
  • Please send a link to your website or blog so that I can check it out and see if we are a good fit
  • Take some time to peruse my blog, as well, and make sure the subject fits with current content (gluten-free recipes, mental health, parenting or environmental tips)
  • No excessive cursing or pornographic subjects. These submissions will not be considered
  • Writing should be attached to an email in Word document format
  • Please keep your writing between 400-1000 words
  • If you wish to add your own photos to the written submission, please attach them as JPGs



Submissions should have a response in two weeks. If you haven’t heard back, please send a follow-up email and I’ll make sure to respond.

Email submission requests to: tiannamorison@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.