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We went to a Superhero Themed Wedding and It Was the BEST

We went to our friend’s wedding. They hosted it at the zoo which meant we got a free zoo pass during the day. We had fun for two hours at the zoo and then went to the reception. Best wedding ever.  There was mini golf, mini games, table hockey, a bouncy house and hoops. There was great music and dancing…

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Respect for a Squirrel

I have a confession to make. Well two I guess. I don’t really like squirrels. But I have a lot of respect for one. I dislike most rodent-like or rodent animals. There are exceptions. I had a school friend who owned a large white rat and when I looked in to her pink eyes, I fell in love. She used…

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A Saskatchewan Vacation to Visit Friends

So I grew up in Saskatchewan and during University I ended up needing a place to stay and found a townhouse with a friend. Well, really, if I’m to be honest, a frenemy.  BUT she was living with this fantastic girl that was destined to become one of my bestest friends ever. And this summer we had the privilege of…

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Sun & Salsa Festival 2013

  So this weekend was packed but wonderful. Basically, if I am allowed to sleep in for more than an hour I am happy. On Friday night I think we just did movie night at home, enjoying “Home for The Holidays”. (Our Friday night movie theme this time is Robert Downey Jr’s movies. Before that was all of the Bond…

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“Maude” and “Lloyd” go on an Adventure

My friend Randey and I go on outings. Silly things. Like the stuffed gopher museum and other things even seniors would enjoy. Nerdy outings. Visiting ghost towns or checking out diners. I have a soft spot in my heart for diners and 50’s fashion….but this time we went to a thrift shop type store. On our trips we go by…

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Kid Free Time

My two kids are away! They went camping with Grandma (aka my Mother in Law) and her best friend Tracy. I am sure they are having so much fun! My week alone started out with an ultrasound to check the lump in my breast. Except that in the last couple of days it disappeared. So the ultrasound was extra insurance…

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