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My Seventh Year Anniversary!

I have been married to Josh for 7 years! Hurray!! I am still as in love with him as the first moment we met. As soon as I talked to him 7 years ago, I knew that I would be with him forever. It sounds as bizarre and crazy as feeling that was! How can you know that? I just…

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The Stars Winked, They Knew It Too

eight years ago. pasta and potatoes at every meal empty pockets; only food that fit my budget.  in a new city, needing a rebirth, living out of my suitcase, on the wrong side of the tracks. early mornings, up to catch the train. i watched drug deals happen and turned my face against the icy Spring wind that was trying…

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The Fairy Tale is Real, It’s Just Not What You Would Expect.

My husband and I have a “puke-worthy cute” (we’ve been told)  relationship. We always kiss each other goodbye, text each other during the day to check in (“How’s your day going gorgeous?”) and hug each other randomly during the day. We ask how the other one is doing, share a laugh, and help each other cook meals. We have a…

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Two Minute Love Poem

Yours Forever. I want to make                      out with you in alleyways- I want to trace your cheek with the        tip               of                          my                                       finger. I want to lace my heart with yours forever. Our hands         always         held before we jump in to each other.

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