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Hunter Turned 6 Years Old!

Hunter turned 6 years old on Friday, January 20th. My children turning one year older is not something I take for granted, as I used to. Hunter’s birthday was full of joy tinged with sadness. He mourned the fact that his friend B. couldn’t celebrate with him as she was so excited for his birthday this year. We talked to…

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Hunter is Funny: Quotes from My Toddler

A quick quote from my toddler for you. Hunter fell asleep on the way home in the car yesterday. I undid his car seat and got him inside without waking him up. I went upstairs, laid him in bed and successfully got his hat, boots and nearly his coat off. As I took off the last arm, he woke up.…

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To My Son, An Open Letter to You.

Dear Son. There are many, many things I should teach you. Most of them I haven’t even thought of. The most competitive you should be with any person is with yourself only. Never mind what anyone else is doing. Challenge yourself and always set new goals. There is no such thing as cool, or uncool…. Some of the coolest people…

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