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The Stars Winked, They Knew It Too

eight years ago. pasta and potatoes at every meal empty pockets; only food that fit my budget.  in a new city, needing a rebirth, living out of my suitcase, on the wrong side of the tracks. early mornings, up to catch the train. i watched drug deals happen and turned my face against the icy Spring wind that was trying…

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Two Minute Love Poem

Yours Forever. I want to make                      out with you in alleyways- I want to trace your cheek with the        tip               of                          my                                       finger. I want to lace my heart with yours forever. Our hands         always         held before we jump in to each other.

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Distant. Always.

A poem I wrote.   Distant. Always.   I had my guard up. I raised my fists high. I raged.   I was all alone; There was no one to fight But I fought til I was drained   I am all alone still, Fists clenched at my sides, No fight left in me.     My tears could fill…

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A Poem About My Daughter

When I was 14 I used to write a poem or two or ten every day. I have notebook upon notebook. Just those plain black coiled notebooks. Most of it is TERRIBLE. I was never formally trained so they have no rhythm and I couldn’t tell you what type of poem any poem is- of mine or anyone else. I…

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A Poem For My Husband

Trying my hand at poetry again. It’s not that great but I love the sentiment and the man who inspired it so here goes. Yes, it’s a love poem- very original, hey?  It’s just that I used to write poetry in my troubled teens and writing of angst is so much easier. My Anchor You are my rock. No. No,…

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Poetry, I Forgot About You

Poetry is hard. I am no longer the arrogant, emotional 13-year-old I used to be that thought everything she wrote was gold. Poetry is difficult and I am not a free-flowing river of tears and joy any more. I am usually too drained at the end of the day to face my emotions head on and write poetry. And something…

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Like, Not Love

Anyone who is in a relationship or married needs to ask themselves one question. That question is not “Do I love this person?” but “Do I LIKE them?” That is the true measure of any relationship. Do you like spending time with that person? Do you have great conversations? Do you like wiling away the hours together in comfortable conversation…

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