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  So Isabella is still having nightmares. I am going to have to figure out a way to make her room super zen and feng shui and just the right amount of light so that she can sleep soundly. Last night we had to lay beside her for her to settle. She is a super restless sleeper and fights REM…

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My Daughter of the Active Imagination!

My Isabella has a new recurring nightmare. It has been a full week now. Thankfully our wonderful friend S. gave us LED lights that don’t get too hot and can be on all night. Life saver! We call them her “fairy lights”. I agreed she can keep them on at night until she feels the dream has passed. I also…

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Infectious Colitis and Nightmares

So it has been a hard week or so. Josh’s 30th Birthday went by quietly. His mother showed up for a surprise visit and we went out for dinner Thursday night, Vietnamese. I felt bloated, nauseous, crampy,  and awful that night and most of the next day but ignored it. Friday the 20th was Josh’s birthday. We played games and…

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