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Kid Time vs. Adult Time vs. Izzy Time

Hello! Does anyone else’s life seem busier as soon as Spring hits?? I love Spring….it’s just SO BUSY. Which is good. My life is full of activity and obligations and love. I just wish that I was 3 people right about now, haha. Every time that I am at my most busy, I always feel my most creative and excited.…

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Family Life

The Hands of Wonder Woman, The Body of Baymax

Hello! Today I feel nearly recovered from my cold. Our family was sick for a month and a half with tiny breaks in between where we were well. It was brutal. I had the flu, a cold, another cold and then the worst cold of all! I currently have a nose that could light the way for Santa’s sleigh, it…

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The Most Important Thing We Need to Teach Our Daughters

What do I feel strongly that my daughter must know to make her world her own, her heart strong, her head successful? Be a compassionate listener. Do not sit there waiting for your turn to speak. Do not think you know everything about that person’s situation or relationship based on one emotional conversation. Truly listen to people and they will…

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