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Struggles Last Week & Life Loves

Last week was sooooo long. I did a lot of crying. My workout seemed harder than usual and the kids were cranky about school (“It’s booorrrinnnnggggg!”) and the days seemed so short. I cried a lot over our dumb cats….our “fur-beasts”, as I like to call them…. because they are still not being great. No medical reason has presented itself…

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Rescue a Feline Life This Christmas.

People I befriend instantly hear about one of two things: my kids or my cats. Thorin was a rescue cat that chose us at the MEOW Foundation. We originally (okay, it was all me) had the idea in mind to adopt an all-black cat. Unfortunately, all of the black cats HATED me. Hissed at me and went right to Josh…

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The Meow Foundation Adopt-a-thon: Interviewing Some Very Special Cats.

On Saturday, September 17th, I was thrilled to be invited to the Meow Foundation’s new location to interview cats at their Adopt-a-thon. I am a huge cat lover and one of my favourite felines, Thorin, is a rescue from their foundation.     Meow Foundation is no-kill cat rescue center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An acronym for “Make Each One…

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The Successor. Welcoming a New Cat.

Summer is always so busy. I find it busier than the school year. Days are filled with visitors, travel, day trips and play dates. I’ve been so busy that I temporarily fell off the fitness and yoga wagon. 🙁 But I’m back on it!! I started up again and the Husband and I are even planning on doing our yoga…

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My Cat Has Behavioural Problems

I have a cat because dogs take a lot of attention and care. You need to pet them and walk them and kennel them when you are out so they don’t get pissed off and pee on your couch or rip up a pillow. But my cat Simon is being like that. We’ve decided we are going to take him…

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The Trouble with Cats.

There is so much conflicting advice on the internet about what to do with a cat that seems to have a behavioural problem. And believe me, I have tried it all. Well, all feasible options. My cat Simon is peeing in inappropriate places. Wait, that makes him sound like a flasher. Haha. Let me start at the beginning. Simon started…

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Simon Cat: An update on my cat’s illness

Cat Update. I’ll backtrack just in case. Simon wasn’t peeing in his litterbox. And he was peeing on the floor or in front of the front door on the mat. I thought at first Hunter was having accidents and not telling me he got pee in the carpet. Then I saw Simon and he looked uncomfortable while peeing. My sister…

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