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October- No Longer A Depressing Month

I used to dread October. I saw it as the end of everything. October seemed like September’s dirge song. (Is dirge song a repetitive statement?) On top of that, I was always broke in October, so the planning for Halloween festivities depressed me. Every twenty year old knows that Halloween costumes aren’t free, and going out that night is going…

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October’s Autumn Colours

Oh Hi October. You are halfway finished already. The wind has blown most of the leaves off of the trees outside but at the beginning of the month weren’t you a celebration! A splendor of colour that lifted the spirits and was drunk up by the eyes. I love you, October. I used to dread you and the end of…

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There’s Something About Autumn.

I went running the other night. I had to trade in my shorts and tank top for long pants and a long-sleeved running shirt….okay, so not a real running shirt but a long-sleeved pajama shirt of the Husband’s. Same difference. I set out at the same time I always do; after the kids go to bed and some things are…

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