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Fitness Journal: Last Week’s Workouts.

I did pretty good last week, workout-wise. I stayed basically on track, only missing one treadmill session because of a visual aura migraine (those migraines where you can’t see because of “sunspots” and “watery vision”) that lasted all day. Monday: Yoga with Josh. I did a lot better with some of the moves.They felt right and I got a lot…

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My Pants Are Tight, I’ve Gained Weight….and Perspective

Omigosh, my pants are tight. I’ve gained weight. Not a big deal….just have to get back on track. Or at least, that is what I am telling myself. We read a great kid’s book the other day, (hang with me, it ties in) called Virginia Wolf. It perfectly explains the “doldrums”, as the author puts it. I felt that last…

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Fitness Journal May 2, 2017

Hey all. This might be hella boring for all of you but I am going to share my fitness stats and progress in a journal so that I can keep myself accountable. If you don’t fall asleep, maybe you can share your own progress in the comments below and we can cheer each other on! Every week I will share…

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