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Hi there! I’m Tianna Morison. I’m a 30-something year old writer, Canadian mom of two, and book addict.Together with my husband, two young kids, and two cats I have tiny adventures. We game, craft, laugh, budget, learn, attempt to garden, and try to live as healthfully and as naturally as possible.



My passion for writing has led me to blogging. I have always been happiest writing. I grew up in a small Saskatchewan town and my escape was reading fiction- which led to me writing my own. I loved writing essays in school, but I also adored; making lists, writing fictional stories, developing short essays, doing journal entries or creating poems. I even won a few writing awards in school for excellence in short story writing.

In fact, for a long time, I thought I wanted to be a journalist. My high-school guidance counselor led me to journalism. I got halfway there, receiving my B.A. in English, and was told I would make a better columnist. I was put on the waitlist for my journalism college of choice after I was told I had an informal style that wasn’t found in news journalism. I guess that means I have always been a blogger at heart!

I grew up in Saskatchewan and have lived a few places, including Japan and Vancouver, but my heart led me to Calgary, AB where I fell in love with my husband and then the city itself. I love my adopted hometown fiercely, finding it the perfect balance of prairie city and mountain life. I like that a good hike in the mountains isn’t too far away and I love that Calgary is full of parks and family-friendly activities. We feel blessed to be able to raise our family in this eclectic and vibrant city with its quiet, tucked away neighbourhoods. There is truly something for everyone in Calgary.


Near Calgary, on a hiking date with the husband.

I am now a mom of two elementary-school kids and have grown a lot as a parent and a person. If you told me I would one day embrace gardening, meditation and a regular fitness routine, I would have laughed. Now I embrace these things and more. I knew I needed to continue blogging to share my successes and my failures as a way to reach out to other parents. It truly takes a village, and together our voices are strong and we share the same struggles and joys, even if that village is the internet and the support is just a friendly blog post that you relate to.


On a family outing in Calgary, in 2015.

A lot has happened since I  started this blog in 2009 as a new mom. Originally, I wanted to chronicle my thoughts on parenting: an online diary of sorts. I began to appreciate my parents more and my views on parenting changed as rapidly as my daughter did. I wanted to have a way to record those thoughts and make sense of them. Now, this blog has expanded in to so much more than that. Here I share my parenting views (the successes and the parenting fails), my attempts to grow my own food (even with a black thumb), getting outdoors, and my joy for life. Join me as I bumble my way through this wonderful life, laugh with me as I babble, and groan with me as I struggle through mom life (and its huge learning curve). If I find quick crafts that work, easy gluten-free recipes, herb gardening tricks or simple organization tips, I will share them here. I am a sucker for cute cat videos, anything Hello Kitty, bad puns, and cute photos of pigs, so feel free to share those with me anytime!

I was a very unhappy person a few years ago. Now my focus is; creating space to breathe, joy in movement, loving mother nature, and living a life of happiness, growth, imperfection, and laughter. I want to live every messy moment of life to its fullest and poke fun at my clumsy attempts at moving forward. I hope you will join me!

Love her

Get in touch with me:

  • tiannamorison@gmail.com
  • Instagram is the place I post the most often, because I love it, so check out my page to get photo updates.
  • Tweet with me on Twitter.
  • Let’s pin things that make us super happy on Pinterest!
  • You can sometimes find me on Google+, if that’s your passion. (Although I forget that it is a thing sometimes. I’ll figure it out someday!)

(Eventually I would like to start a Youtube channel, even though that thought scares the daylights out of me!)

In addition to this blog, I write short stories, parent, volunteer, and occasionally guest blog on other sites such as MindBodyGreen and Inspire Transformation.

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