8 Easy Ways to Put Together a Family Movie Night Your Kids Won’t Forget

If there is one thing every kid loves, it’s a movie night! But heading out to the movie theater isn’t always practical, especially when you’re dealing with a global pandemic. The good news is, you can bring the fun and magic of a movie theater to your own home. 

Putting together a family movie night your kids won’t soon forget isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Remember – kids don’t mind when things are simple. In fact, the simplest gestures tend to have the most meaning behind them. With that said, let’s take at the top 8 ways to put together an incredible family movie extravaganza.

Make a Fort

Kids love forts. No parent can argue with that. Combining the ultimate kid’s fort with family movie night is an easy way to jump for joy. You can keep it simple by tossing a few extra pillows on the floor or be more extravagant with towels and blankets. Some people might use cardboard boxes they have on hand, too. Surprise your kids or let them join in on the fun!

Create a Snack Bar

What’s one of the best parts of going to the movies? The snack bar, of course! You can create a snack bar in your own kitchen. All you need is some popcorn, candy, drinks, and some other kid favorites. Set up the “snack bar” on the counter and let the kids choose what items they want to fill up their snack tray.

The cool thing about an at-home snack bar is you get to decide what is offered. It might be interesting to try some new flavors of popcorn or create candies and treats from scratch. Let the kids help out in the kitchen to encourage more bonding throughout the day.

Take the snack bar even further by printing out some fake money! Kids, especially older kids, love to be able to pay the snack bar attendant. They don’t have to miss out on the (responsible) fun by paying mom or dad instead.

Create Movie Tickets

Besides paying for their snacks, kids love to hand over their ticket stub to the ticket master. This can be done right from your home, too, and adds plenty of magic to movie night. All you need to do is generate your own tickets. It’s quick and easy when you use a ticket generator.

Create a Sign for the Movie

Nothing screams “movie theater” like a Now Playing sign. Well, this might need a little more creativity and craftwork from mom and dad, but it’s well worth it to see the excited face of your children. Create your own Now Playing sign featuring the movie you’re planning to watch. Hang it up a day or two before family movie night to really get them revved up!

Put Together a Cozy Place to Sit as a Family

There is one thing that is infinitely difficult in a real movie theater – getting comfortable. Although some theater seats have evolved, they still aren’t the same as relaxing on your own couch. Bust out all of the blankets and pillows to make the coziest couch you have ever sat on. 

Don’t think you have to stick to a couch, though. If you want to spend some money and make it a movie night surprise, consider bean bag chairs for the kids. You can also use a blow-up air mattress and stick it right on the living room floor. Lastly, you can bust out the sleeping bags and make it a slumber party!

Make “Theme” Nights

Although watching a movie together as a family is already a cherished and enjoyable time, you can make it even more memorable by creating a “themed” family movie night. For example, if you’re planning to watch Frozen, have your kids dress up in their Frozen costumes. If you’re watching Harry Potter, learn a couple of easy magic tricks before watching. Keep in mind that you can go as simple or elaborate as you’d like. 

Play While You Watch

Sure, watching a movie is plenty of fun. But what about if you’re one your second or third round of Trolls? The film sure keeps its “spark”, but you can make it more interesting by playing games while watching the movie. For example, you can ask questions during the film to see what your kids remember. Whoever wins the “trivia” game at the end of the night wins a prize!

Make it a “Drive-In” Movie Night

Most children have a fun memory of going to the drive-in with their parents. Well, if your local drive-in theater was shut down, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the thrill at home. Of course, this works better with smaller children that can fit into a cardboard box. 

All you need to do is get a few boxes and color them, looking like real cars. You can place them in the living room in front of the TV, or take it a step further and rent a projector to play a movie outside. 

What are you waiting for? Let your creativity let loose, and have an incredible family movie night your kids won’t soon forget.

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