Family Rules Printable

With the whole family all working or completing schoolwork in the same house, rules have become more important.

My son and my daughter respond well to the rules being posted somewhere that everyone can see. This keeps everyone accountable and every family member knows what is expected of them. My son, who has autism, is especially fond of following the rules…he can be TOO black and white about it, sometimes! A lot of our rules are fairly specific and we are working on Hunter responding less bluntly. Interrupting is also a big struggle for him.

Our rules are laminated (of course! I’m so addicted to my lamination machine) and posted in the living room. Where do you keep yours? (Rules, not the laminator, haha).

If you love what ours say, feel free to use it.


I hope you’re all doing well and that you are having time to yourself around working from home and homeschooling.



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