What We’re Up To: Homeschool. Drawing. Relaxing.

In these weird times, how are you doing? I think we’ve all been surprised at how well we can cope.

The kids have been out of school since March 15 and we are gradually getting used to sharing our small townhouse. The school has been video conferencing with them and giving them assignments to complete online. After they talk to their teachers, it’s time for me to help out. Basically, for an hour a day, it’s a guided homeschooling course. The kids like me to be fairly hands-on, so I try to be near and available for them.

Working from home is the usual for me, but usually it’s without so many interruptions. I’m learning to work in ten minute snatches of time. Josh is working from our bedroom as his home office! And you know what? It was INCREDIBLY irritating for me to have all of these people around: interrupting, checking in with me, making me accountable for my every move (where ya going? to the bathroom? to get a snack? etc.). I thought I’d never get used to it….but it’s been nearly a month now and I feel like I’m adjusting! It feels almost normal at this point. We’re still working on being efficient with our time and making sure we all get some alone time but I don’t think that will take much longer.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to:

I get up every morning and do some stretching, my workout, and more stretching. I’m trying to make it an early morning habit as it really helps my mood.

Hunter and I have been reading The Hobbit every morning. Well, I read it aloud to him.

He loves Bilbo. Hunter thinks he would make a great hobbit. When we read about the different mindsets, he gets so upset at the crooked politics and reasoning between warring ..tribes? Would you call them tribes? races? You know, between the goblins and elves and Land-men.

Isabella is reading Felicia Day’s book on her own but may join us for the next book.

After the kids do the online learning and finish a school assignment, we move on. I don’t think more than an hour is needed for them. As you can see, Hunter doesn’t find the online videos tedious at all. 😉

It’s been cold out here, with bitter winds, so we haven’t ventured outside much. Instead, we have rediscovered Wii Fit and I get them to do a half hour (minimum) a day. We forgot how fun it is!

Isabella and Hunter love structured play so I often set up a STEAM challenge for them. Pinterest is an amazing resource! We found the LEGO Disaster Island challenge on there and it was really fun. I even gathered all of the materials for different projects into clear boxes so we are always ready for an activity. My Pinterest Homeschool board has more ideas, in case your kids get bored.

We even rearranged our living room to give us more room for activities and to give Josh and I a separated office nook.

This is the view from the stairs. I wish I could say the kids were doing something educational, but I think Isabella is playing Stardew Valley. Hunter is watching and giving her suggestions. 😀 Perhaps it teaches social awareness? Perhaps I don’t care? Everyone needs breaks and I think this is an emotional time for all. Keeping them sane, happy and rested is my biggest concern.

Other than that, it’s been….



And looking up funny stuff on Pinterest.

Hope you are also staying sane, balanced and rested. Stay Home, Stay Safe. And don’t forgot to properly socially distance yourself.

Sending good vibes and hugs to everyone! <3


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