A Beginner’s Guide to Wigs

Have you ever wondered if you would look good in a wig? (The answer, btw, is, Yes, you would). I recently started to wear the occasional wig and I love it. There are a lot of cheap beginner options online, so I thought I would share a quick guide.

I normally have a pixie cut but the colour constantly changes, since I get bored really easily! The constant change of colour (with the bleaching that often occurred, yikes!,) was really wrecking my hair. I don’t want to have super thin hair when I’m older or have my hair give up and fall out now!

My interest in wigs was piqued when I saw so many women on Instagram wearing them! One person would rock different styles on one page, almost looking like a new version of herself each time. It made them look so glam and mysterious.

These ladies wearing wigs could find a different side of themselves every day: without the bleaching and cutting and colouring of their own hair. I was especially jealous of the longer styles! My hair is so heavy that it gives me a headache when I grow it out and grows OUT, not down. (Hello, triangle head, even with layers).

I bugged those women for information, making sure to admit how much I admired their bold style and willingness to change up their style! Although I am still very much a beginner and haven’t branched out into lace fronts or wig glue, I can tell you what I’ve learned so far. Maybe you, too, could buy a couple of cheap wigs online and change up your style for fun!

Here’s a couple of things I’ve found: – with longer wigs, I would definitely get a mix of human hair with synthetic so that it tangles less- start with wig cap wigs, in a shorter style, to get used to them- with shoulder length wigs, synthetic hair is fine and lighter to wear- follow the instructions to get a separate brush and cleaner for them.

I have these wigs:

Kalyss Women’s Short Imported Heat Resistant Mix Dark Brown Yaki Syntheic Hair Wig

Synthetic Hair Wig for Women Blonde Unicorn light brown Curly Hair Wigs

BERON 14 Inches Short Curly Women Girls Charming synthetic wig with Bangs wig Cap Included (Lovely pink)

( I recommend these wig companies. Good customer service. )

… and I bought cheap wig stands to store them. There are so many options, that you just have to use personal preference to choose.

Dreamlover 2 Pack Short Wig Stands for Wigs, 14.2 Inches Portable Collapsible Wig Dryer, Durable Wig Holder, Travel Wig Stands,Black

There are TONS of YouTube videos, but I found these ladies the most helpful. They have a video for every wig question. I watched this video a lot when I was first learning to wear my wig:


Most wigs need a styling once you get them. They make bangs extra long to accommodate different forehead lengths, and most are now made on a machine so come out looking a little boxy or flat.

To fix this, you need a hairstylist that understands wigs and is patient enough to take a little off at a time. If you live in Calgary, Alberta, the hairstylist Will is amazing at cutting wigs AND comes to your house.

He came to mine and was a true professional.

He has a page here:


Or you can cut it yourself. I checked around Calgary and there aren’t many people that cut wigs. I think I found one store and that was it. 

If you choose a longer wig with only synthetic hair, make sure to bring a comb or brush with you to events, as it WILL tangle and need to be combed from time to time.

Also, you will want to check out:

Wig brushing tips

Wig types and ways they can be styled

There is a girl on Instagram that makes collars for shirts. She wears wigs in almost every photo! I actually scrolled through to see how different wig lengths would sit, since it’s easier to compare on the same photo and Amazon is a jungle. Her name on Instagram is magnus_clothing_co

For your first wig ever, I would start with a shorter synthetic wig with just a simple wig cap and see how you feel. Then go on from there: to human hair or perhaps lace front! 

If you do choose to buy one, I’d love to see a photo. 🙂

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