Plant Care Printables For Your Houseplants

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Not everyone is born with the green thumb needed to grow a glorious garden- but no need to worry! It just takes a little practice, patience, and attention to improve your skills. It just so happens that houseplants are a great place to start!

Houseplants add pops of color and enhance your home, which creates a lively aesthetic that’s welcoming to neighbors and family. Below, you’ll find: popular houseplants that are easy to care for, their basic care needs, as well as printables to help you track their health. 

Popular Houseplants and Their Benefits

Houseplants such as air plants, bonsai trees, and ficus plants contribute a variety of benefits to the household. A few major examples include air purification and improved relaxation — which result in a better night sleep for you and your family. 

When it comes to choosing a house plant there are a variety of factors to consider, including: space, light, climate, and watering needs. Some popular houseplants that are relatively easy to care for include:

  • Air plants
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Philodendrons
  • Pothos plants
  • Prayer Plant

Are your kids interested in getting a plant or curious about the plants you already have in your home? The printables below are great educational aids to teach your kids about plant science. Teach them the sunlight level and water frequency associated with each plant. Then, give your kids the responsibility of watering the plants. This can be a great first step in teaching your kids how to care for living things.

Plant Care Basics Printable

The care basics printable organizes eight different houseplants and notes how often to water them.

The eight plants include: air plant, fiddle leaf fig, philodendron, pothos, prayer plant, snake plant, spider plant and succulent. The printable is so cute — try framing it for fun wall art. This way you and your family can refer to it as often as they need to. 

Check out the Plant Care Printables here!

Houseplant Watering Tracker

The watering checklist is a great way to keep track of all your plants’ watering schedules in one place. They can be used to teach kids the importance of organization- and are very useful if you ever need to leave instructions for a plant sitter while you’re away.

If you are caring for a lot of different plants, consider keeping a binder of your care sheets so they’re all in one place. Another hack is to place the care tracker in a clear sleeve and use a dry erase marker to mark on the chart so you can reuse the sheet.  

Check out the Watering Tracker Printables here

Growth Observation Journal

The observation journal is your go-to guide for keeping track of your plants’ growth. This can also be a great way to monitor the health of your plant, especially if your plants ever experience any problems.

Note if your plant looks dry, yellow, has pests or other issues. Make sure you date your entries so you can properly track the progress of your plant. Don’t forget to note the positives, too, like growth and new buds! If your plant’s growth seems to be stunted, it may be time to move it to a bigger container so your plant can spread its roots and grow.

Check out the Plant Observation Printables here

Houseplants offer a variety of health benefits, are fairly easy to care for and add a gorgeous touch to home decor. They’re also a great way to teach kids responsibility… or a great starting point if your little ones have been begging you for a pet!

Check out the original plant care printable post by ProFlowers for more plant care tips and information. Break out your green thumb and get planting! 




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