Surprising Ways Your Finances Affect Health

*This is a guest post from Self Lender and is their viewpoint and opinion. Enjoy!*

We’ve all heard the saying, “health is wealth.” But could the opposite be true as well? Studies have shown an increasing link between financial prosperity and reduced stress. When people pay down debt they report feeling generally healthier, with symptoms like poor digestion and muscle tension lessening or disappearing.

The fact is, all of us have probably been stressed out about money at some point in our life. From finding a job to building an emergency savings fund; there are a million reasons to be financially stressed.

The important part is that we don’t let it compromise our physical health.
This infographic from Self Lender gives self care tips on how to combat money stress and live a life of prosperity and wellness.

I love this advice and these quotes from self lender, don’t you? For more on this subject, please check out their FULL ARTICLE.

I think this is the perfect year to get a handle on our finances, while I’m doing the Year of Less. Or, as I like to call it, The Year of Mindful Spending. What are your financial goals this year?

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