Relationship Therapy Without Leaving Home.

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Let’s be honest, being married is hard.

If you’re married, you know it can be true at times!

The concept of marriage, of sharing your space 24/7 with another person for the rest of your life, is complicated and full of pressures. Together, you must agree on: how to clean the house, make the big decisions, when to pay bills, how a toothpaste roll should be squeezed, which pizza to order, how to decorate your space and what vacation you should choose. If you add kids or pets to the mix, that’s another level! (Levels, really).

It’s so easy for little disagreements or rough spots to sit under the surface and create a secret level of resentment towards each other. It can be quite hard to bring up the little things without it creating a big argument. Managing the day-to-day with good communication is key. That’s where therapy can help.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting an outside person to help you meld your different styles of doing things. Other times, it is recognizing that you two are actually saying the exact same thing in a different way- creating that harmony that you were missing in your different ways of communicating. If you are having bigger problems- different viewpoints on parenting, for example, or an inability to communicate your big needs, then therapy would definitely be a necessary part of your marriage and an act of love.

Maybe there’s been a change in your life or lifestyle that is causing a rift? Even happy changes, such as buying a new house, getting a new job or adding a child can cause dissent. Therapy can help, and therapy online may be a real option.

If you are a married couple fighting over finances, it may seem silly to add an extra expense. However, if something is unfit, you wouldn’t leave it. If your car is acting up, you take it to the shop. If your back hurts, you get a massage or if your goal is to get stronger, you join a gym. These are acts of a responsible adult concerned about self-care. Therapy is the same kind of expense; Regain can help you figure out cost, fit it into your expenses, and fix your marriage as a result.

My marriage is normally great, but there are times that I think about therapy for the two of us. Usually, it’s those little moments where we aren’t communicating as effectively as we could- causing the same little fights over and over. I bet a therapist could break the cycle. So far, we’ve been okay and have managed to talk it out without it spiraling out of control, but I always keep therapy in mind!

If your partner isn’t as sold on GOING to a therapist’s office, maybe you could convince him to do a session from home over video messaging. Better Help provides that! To me, it seems easier to be relaxed and honest with someone when you’re comfortable. From what I understand, they ask you some questions to match you up with the right person and it only takes a few clicks to connect. It sounds like a wonderful way to get started if you are apprehensive about starting with a therapist. (And it’s cheaper than divorce).

Please, take the time to check out Regain’s revolutionary therapists and let me know what you think!





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