Ultimate Indoor Herb Garden Guide

The other day I turned to Josh and said, 

“I still want to figure out a small herb garden indoors.”

We discussed several options of location but I was unsure. That night, I opened my email to find a request for a guest post on my blog- 


You guys, I love when this kind of stuff happens. So, without further delay, let’s learn together! 

Fall is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner! It’s time to break out the scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and hot chocolate. This time of year is great because everything is so festive. Overly snowy or rainy days, however, can put a damper on this festive season- sometimes it forces us to spend lots of time indoors. The change in weather also forces a lot of flowers and plants away, so we lose most of the natural color outdoors.

One way to remedy the downturn in weather is to keep some real color and nature inside. You can do this by housing a bouquet during a rainy day, keeping a potted plant in the living room, or by keeping an indoor herb garden!

Indoor herb gardens, in particular, are great because they bring the beauty of nature indoors while adding fresh taste to our dishes! It’s a win-win for everyone. Home-grown herbs are more flavorful, especially if they’re used immediately after they’re picked. It’s also much more cost effective since you can harvest most herbs multiple times.

The best part? You can grow most herbs all year, even during the chilly winter season!

Herb gardens aren’t that hard to put together. They just need lots of light and a moderate amount of water. You can take a look at this guide to indoor herb gardening that ProFlowers put together for the upcoming season! Their full guide includes a list of the best herbs to grow indoors, care tips for your garden, and ideas for putting together your herb garden. Look through their tips and see what herbs you can use to brighten up your home and spice up your dishes!


Continue to ProFlowers for a breakdown of herbs based on their light preferences! You can find the whole list on the ProFlowers site (CLICK HERE). 

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to learn why my husband’s fave herb, basil, will never grow for me, despite the fact that everyone calls it “hardy”. 

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