with my love, who adores my crows feet

Falling in Love with Crow’s Feet

Remember being a little kid, say 7 or 8, and declaring,

“When I’m an old person of 20 years old with crow’s feet, I’m gonna fall in love, live in a big house, and invent flying cars!”

Old person, at 20? I’m laughing so hard at my childhood self right now. I did picture something right- I did start to get laugh lines or “crow’s feet” at around that age. They were almost imperceptible, but they had begun. Also- I think the crow is a majestic and amazing bird, so if it is meant as an insult, it goes over my head.

Squinting in the sun, showing off our crows feet lines proudly. www.babblingpanda.com

Now, my crow’s feet are deeper and more pronounced. I used to check them anxiously in the mirror, pulling my skin tight to lessen the look of them. I even tried a few creams and oils. But, before the creams could make much of a difference, I stopped. I decided I loved my crow’s feet and didn’t want to get rid of them. Those lines are history. They tell my story. Plus, who was I doing it for? Josh? If you take an informal survey, most men would say that they like the look of crow’s feet- it makes a woman look unique, human and alive. We aren’t robots or plastic, so why look like we are? And I did ask Josh once, a long time ago, and he says he loves my laugh lines because they are mine and he loves me. (I also love Josh’s crow’s feet that get deeper when he laughs. One of my favourite things in life).

Crow’s feet are laughter at a joke, squinting in the sun while gardening, or from worries long past that made you squish your face in a frown. I can’t stop getting older and I don’t want to, nor do I want to look the same forever. I want to keep growing and changing- both in appearance and mind.

How do you feel about aging? Do you embrace the little changes like crow’s feet?

Have you made any cosmetic changes that make you feel more “you”? I want to hear what they were! This is a no judgement zone.

I think whatever you do that enhances your appearance, those decisions should be made from a place of love, not hate. Do you agree?


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