One Way to Naturally Change Your Cycle

I got a bit of exciting news last week!

Next month, we are going on a long weekend trip to California through my husband’s work! I am so excited. Or I was, until I saw that my menstrual cycle would fall RIGHT on our trip.

My periods are awful. Often, I have severe cramps for the first day and I’m very tired. On top of that, I always get extremely bloated and puffy, no matter what I’ve eaten in the previous month. Not a great look for a beach weekend- or a great mood to be in, either!

I’m not on birth control, so couldn’t adjust my menstrual cycle that way. What did I do instead? I frantically googled natural ways to change my cycle and came across a lot of lists- and, yes, some of them were ridiculous!

I did find one that I could do with short notice. It sounded harmless and easy to execute. Worth a try!

So, what was it, you ask?

The simplest thing. Drink pomegranate juice three times a day, for two or three days before you want your period to start. This should cause it to come earlier.

I tried it and it seemed to work! My period is tracked with the Clue Period Tracker and it is scarily accurate after you’ve used it for a couple of months. The Clue app scheduled my period for April 11. It came on April 08! I don’t know if that was coincidence but it did happen this month.

This means that I should get my cycle BEFORE our trip next month. Perhaps I will try this trick again, just to make sure! I can’t really lose. It’s a very delicious experiment.

If you try this, let me know if you thought it worked.

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