I’m Sick of Feeling Sick!!

You guys, I don’t know why I do this to myself. I get my health back on track and feel great, then I backslide. WHYYYYY?! I’m so sick of feeling sick.

I did an 8 week stint of eating clean and slowly adding foods back into my diet.  I felt awesome. I wasn’t bloated, addicted to sugar, snacking mindlessly or lacking energy. Things were great. Things were so great, I forgot how bad they had gotten. So I added chocolate back in. And some dairy. And the occasional gluten-free snack (I’m looking at you GF crackers). And 1 cup of coffee….then two. Then honey in my tea and date bars for dessert.

And now??

My skin is the worst- hello again, painful cystic adult acne. I’m bloated, gassy, and my gut hurts on and off. Going to the bathroom is painful at times and doesn’t happen some days. All things are wrong again. What you fuel your body with matters!! It is different for every person, but pay attention to what makes you feel like crap.

For myself- I have to stop thinking that eating well is “temporary” and embrace that it is a lifelong choice…I have to change my mindset. I am eating well; not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to. And it has to be a lifelong thing- time to get myself to stop thinking of it as a “diet” or “time-limited change”. Since I know the food that makes my body purr, I need to stick with it. How else am I going to look like Jane Fonda when I’m 80 years old?

During the Gut Makeover, I felt great! Here is the old before and after photo. Four weeks gone and 11 pounds down. NEED to get back to this- I look more like the before right now.

I want to eat healthy for the rest of my life because I can’t keep living this way- bloated, without energy and always in some kind of internal pain. When I eat better, I feel well. I feel ready to conquer the world. I feel free. Instead of feeling as if “I can’t have that gluten-free cookie because I am on a diet”, I will think, “I can have that gluten-free cookie if I want to, but I have to keep in mind that it will hurt later and I won’t be able to sleep from the bloating and cramps that the extra sugar and processed food caused.” Although sometimes I will inevitably think, “F*ck it” and eat the cookie, I know it will help me to make healthier choices 90% of the time. Which is my goal.

I’m not doing a fad diet. I am not doing a diet based on sponsored product or supplements. I am just going to eat clean. I’m going to kick it old-school, you guys. I will eat real food, no processed food, cut out as much added sugar as possible and limit caffeine.

Who’s in?? If you want to join me, check out my blog the first week of April for the guidelines. And keep an eye on my Insta-stories for details. Let’s love our bodies and ourselves in April. Let’s take charge of our health and stop feeling like crap all the time. If you’re sick of feeling sick, let’s do this.

(She types as she unbuttons her pants because she is so bloated that she fears for her button. Yeah, it’s time to put an end to this for sure.)

P.S. (I also have to start working out again! My day off turned into 15! Who is ready to keep me accountable??)

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