It’s Summer! Time To Use That Fitness Tracker.

Hey everyone.

I’ve been decluttering and outside with the kids a lot lately, so we have been pretty busy. Being outside has been put on hold for a bit since I am dealing with seasonal allergies! My left eye went so red and puffed up so large that I could barely see. I went to the doctor and she said probably seasonal allergies before giving me drops and a medicated cream to help. I am slowly on the mend and praying for 3 solid days of rain to get the nasties out of the air. It goes without saying, I also avoided computer screens as much as possible while my eye was swelled up. But it is getting better!!

Since it was my eye that was bothering me, and not my legs, I kept up with my fitness routine. My main focus for the past two weeks was running. I am as shocked as you are- I’m not a runner. However, because I had the story of Zombies Run 5K app to motivate me, it wasn’t torture. I think I bought that app almost 4 years ago! But, I didn’t prep for running with proper form and was doing my stretches wrong, so at about 4 or 5 weeks my knees would start bugging me and I would quit. Every. Single. Time. But this time I stuck with it and I even did the last 8 days in a row so that I could be done before the kids were done school. My form was great, my legs are stronger and my stretches done right so my knees didn’t bother me. I did my first 5K in my basement on my treadmill!

I think another huge motivator has been my fitness tracker….I love seeing how many steps I’ve taken or track the length of my workouts. I am aware that they aren’t always consistent, but at least they are consistently inconsistent! *haha*. My Fitbit Charge HR is starting to break; the flexible plastic wrapping around the sides is lifting and I have already had to Krazy Glue it back together once….so I am definitely looking into my options, just in case. (#addicted).

I found a really good list of some of the best fitness trackers out there, without breaking the bank. You should definitely check out the list HERE. Fitbit and Garmin trackers were the top-rated, not surprisingly. Surprising to me was the fact that the Polar Tracker didn’t make it on their list, even for honourable mention. It’s a great jumping off point if you feel overwhelmed by the decision and I found it easy to read. I love the charts at the bottom- they definitely help break down the stats.

Let me know if you own any of the trackers on the list! Make sure to check it out and comment below.

What is your favourite way to workout? 

What fitness tracker do you own? 

Which fitness star do you follow on social media?

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