Fitness Journal: Last Week’s Workouts.

I did pretty good last week, workout-wise. I stayed basically on track, only missing one treadmill session because of a visual aura migraine (those migraines where you can’t see because of “sunspots” and “watery vision”) that lasted all day.


Yoga with Josh. I did a lot better with some of the moves.They felt right and I got a lot more out of each holding pose.


I did a Zombies, Run treadmill  workout. I’ve been slow with these, and skipping them, because I started over and it is boring knowing the story so far. Plus, the run sessions are getting longer as I get closer to a 5K and I have had a hard time fitting them in my schedule. But this week is a new part of the story and I am determined to fit in two runs this week, at a minimum.

Wednesday & Thursday:

It was so nice out that I went for long, brisk walks outside! I counted these as a workout, even though maybe I could have added on a quick ab workout on top of the walk to get some toning as well. This week I plan to do just that.


I had to take the day off. I had such a bad migraine with visual disturbances! I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. I spent the day under a cold facecloth with the hopes that it would pass in time to go and get the kids from school. It was almost gone when I went to get them but I was still in a lot of pain. We got hot chocolates and went home to watch Princess Diaries. It was a necessary rest.



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