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Fitness Journal May 2, 2017

Hey all. This might be hella boring for all of you but I am going to share my fitness stats and progress in a journal so that I can keep myself accountable. If you don’t fall asleep, maybe you can share your own progress in the comments below and we can cheer each other on!

Every week I will share a progress picture, even if I feel horrible about it. It’s the best way to track progress and keep myself accountable! So here, feeling brave, I will post my very first one. I have gained weight and lost toning but I am ready to get back on track.

Awkwardly taken fitness selfies from 3 angles.

Sigh….I was doing so well but I fell off the wagon hard.

I am going to start using MyFitnessPal for this month to track my food again. I always use it for a few days and then stop because I am the best at quitting apps. But I will commit for May, starting tomorrow. This will also be useful in deciphering what is hurting my gut.

Here are my starting measurements, which I will do again at the end of the month:

(Measurements are in inches. Taken on May 2, 2017, at 11 am)

  • Neck: 12.5
  • Shoulders: 40
  • Chest: 36
  • Bicep: 11.5
  • Waist: 35
  • Hips: 40
  • Thigh: 22.5

Workout Today: 

Zombie Run: 56 mins total.

Wins: Ran for 10 consecutive minutes without walking to catch my breath. Rediscovered old Prince and Nirvana songs that are a great tempo for running.

To Improve: Should have warmed up more before starting. Should have started earlier to feel the energy surge earlier on in the day (I started at 1pm today!).


Wins: Ate a homemade date protein bar for a post run snack and pre-planned a snack of an apple and ten almonds for my bedtime snack.

To Improve: Got working and ate lunch later than usual. Ate too fast which caused indigestion.


Okay, that is it for my first share! I am going to see if I can post my workout and food every day. Every week I plan on sharing my measurements and a progress pic. I need to keep myself on track and I have tried everything else, I swear. My format may change a little as I decide what works best for me to look back on. Cheers and happy working out!

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