Sometimes all you need to lift your mood is some pretty soap and a hot shower.

Alchemy Soap Co. Lotion & Bath Salts & Room Spray, Oh My!

I received a wonderful gift full of love and wonderful smelling products the other day! Alicia of Alchemy Soap Co. had sent me a present. I was so shocked to get it in the mail. I opened it to find a glittering box of gold and blue. The smell was intoxicating. Coincidentally, it came on Valentine’s Day and I could tell the box was packed with love. It was a gorgeous package to open.


I couldn’t wait to try them all. There was a beautiful bar of soap, a room spray, a body lotion and bath salts. All of them are in my favourite scent, lavender. (Mint and Cinnamon are close seconds though!) Alicia gifted these to me, completely unexpectedly, for doing a review of her soaps. I was so excited that I had to do a new review, even if she didn’t expect or ask me to. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. So here we go!

  1. Lavender Swirl Soap
Alchemy Soap Co, Calgary AB

Lavender Swirl Soap

The first thing I tried was the Lavender Swirl Soap, but first I admired it for ten minutes. It is sooooo pretty!! Once I had it in the shower, it was the thing of dreams. The only word I can think of to describe the feel of it on your skin is buttery. Normally, I hate bar soap. Hate. My skin is very sensitive and dries out quickly, especially now that I am in my mid-thirties. I need something easy on my skin, creamy and non-drying. This ticks all of those boxes! My skin is only the teensiest bit tighter after using the Lavender Swirl soap- maybe it is the shea butter in it that keeps it from drying me out like a crocodile. My skin loves it. Also, it has the prettiest non-irritating glitter in it! I felt like a princess when I saw the shine of glitter on my skin in the shower. But don’t worry, it rinses right off so that you don’t look like a disco ball for the rest of the day. Instead, it leaves a delicate barely-there shimmer that I enjoy. I recommend this highly.

2. Lavender Bloom Lotion

Alchemy Soap Co, Calgary AB

Lavender Bloom Lotion

Don’t you just love her logo? I love seeing it on my counter when I use her products. The Lavender Bloom Lotion is the second product I tried. I love the scent! It goes on strong but in one minute is the most delicate scent that is so spirit-lifting for the rest of the day. It lingers around you- a little bit of magic. It takes a little longer to rub this lotion in compared to some store-bought brands because it is all-natural, but I would rather have natural ingredients. I use this every day on my hands and I haven’t had an allergic reaction yet- brilliant! Most lotions cause little dots of skin to bubble up on my fingers…gross, I know. This one hasn’t. I put this magical lotion on my hands after doing dishes and it makes me happy. Since this lotion is 100% natural ingredients, I keep it in the fridge to make it last longer and stay fresh. It is very handy to use after cleaning the kitchen since it is always right there.

3. Lavender Bath Soak

Alchemy Soaps Co, Calgary, AB

Lavender Bath Soak

First of all, the scent of this is AMAZING and it looks GORGEOUS. I loved the petals in it and the flecks of rose-pink. When I got out of the bath my skin was so soft and hydrated! That was a definite win. However, this one I may never use in the bath again. It was the only fail for me. The scent in the bathroom was stunning and it never faded for the whole bath, so as aromatherapy it was incredibly successful. The petals swirling around me was great, too, as I felt very luxurious with petals floating in and out of my hair, Disney-princess-style.  However, there was also flaxseed or something in there and when they floated around, the feel against my skin kind of creeped me out. It was as if ants fell in the bath. The biggest fail? My rental bathtub is some weird kind of plastic and it stains really easily, especially if you haven’t washed it every. single. day.- and who cleans their tub every single day!? Not me! When I used these bath salts, the charcoal in the black salt stained my tub really, really badly.

My tub after using the bath soak salts.

There is nothing that can wreck a relaxing soak more than the realization that you are going to have to scrub the tub within an inch of its life later. So that sucked. I was also worried that the seeds would clog my drain since, as you can see above, my drain is one of those weird little ones that blocks everything going down and clogs constantly. I think from now on, I will use these as aromatherapy because the smell is so amazing. I am thinking I could use cheesecloth and package it up as a scent for my clothing drawers or closet. And the tub? I left it for 3 days, depressed at the thought of scrubbing it, until my husband got sick of the mess and cleaned it up himself. I went to clean it, and there it was, shiny white again! I love you, Husband! Thank you.


4. Lavender Rose Room Spray

Alchemy Soap Co, Calgary AB

Lavender Rose Room Spray

THIS was NOT a fail! It smells incredible. I was using it to spray over my side of the bed before I went to sleep every night and I think it helped me sleep better. Ultimately, I sent it downstairs to use in my downstairs bathroom or front hall. I love spraying it before I leave to take out the garbage or a short walk and coming back into the wonderful smell it leaves behind. It is subtle so you don’t feel slapped in the face by a flower garden when you walk in. You can get both notes of lavender and rose- as if delicate potpourri was swirling around in the air. I also use it in my downstairs bathroom randomly. We have two cats and I have had to move a litter box into that bathroom so my one cat could use it without the other cat going in there….complicated, I know. So I use this room spray to minimize the litter smell. It doesn’t matter how many times you clean it, even clean litter has that certain smell, you know? If you have had or do have cats, you know what I mean. Well, this room spray keeps my bathroom smelling delightful despite that fact!! Which makes this cat lover very happy. I am definitely buying more of this spray. Most sprays give me a headache and this one doesn’t. I can’t wait to try more of these sprays from Alchemy Soaps!


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