For the Love of Collecting

Okay, so does anyone love tsum tsums as much as I do? ( I know you do!)

I bought a little plastic one for my kids and I fell in love with it more than they did. In fact, my son Hunter gave me his Buzz Lightyear one.

Perhaps it is because it reminds me of the cuteness of toys and the rage of collecting while I was in Japan in my early twenties? Stuff like this was everywhere in Japan! Maybe it is my addiction to everything cute? Nostalgia? Not sure, but I vowed to buy 1 and have 5…..

I think I am done for awhile. The little corner of my desk under my lamp is delightfully full of them and they make me smile. I often use my brainstorming time to stare at them. They add the colour I need and I think it’s proven that if you brighten up your desk, it heightens productivity….or am I just rationalizing? Heehee. Now, how can I fit this into my  new minimalist lifestyle?…..oh wait, I know. Don’t buy a million of them!…..


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