Hey, Canada! Shop Locally this Christmas.

We all have a couple people on our Christmas list that are hard to shop for. Whether it be the man in your life that doesn’t want anything, the grandma that already owns everything or the secret Santa person you pulled out of the hat at work (but barely know), there is always someone hard to shop for.

On my list, it is usually my husband. He is a man that wants for nothing and has everything he needs. If I have to buy him one more tie because I’m at a loss, I’ll scream. So, instead of shopping on Amazon for something that will be shipped from China, I am shopping locally this Christmas as much as possible. This year, my husband, Josh, and I have decided we will not buy anything for each other this year, but I still have a couple people on my list that are hard to shop for. So I looked up my favourite companies and thought I would list four of them here. Christmas markets are happening at full force here in Calgary, AB, so if you don’t want to risk it coming late, you can always hit up a market and get it directly from them. I like this way the best since I get to touch and see the merchandise. However, for some people, lack of time prevents that. I do believe you still have time to place some online orders if you have no time to duck out to the markets or if you don’t live in Calgary, Alberta but are intrigued by these sellers. Let’s go!

  1. Friday Sock Co. (https://www.fridaysock.co/). Funny discovery story here. I believe I had Chatelaine on my Instagram account and I commented on a photo of tea that they had regrammed from a girl named Leanne. She answered my question (What kind of tea?) and I started to follow her. We share a love of tea, cats and crafts that made her IG account fun to follow, even if I don’t know her personally. When she announced that her husband was launching a sock company, I followed that, too. I was immediately taken by the purposefully mismatched socks and warm energy of the account. I became a huge fan of his posts and his company. Shortly after I started following him on IG, I found him at a market and purchased a bunch of socks for family and a pair for my husband. They are amazing socks, designed in Canada and made in Italy.  My husband is SO hard on socks and these still look brand new. Soft, with great designs, and strongly woven (if woven is, in fact, the right word), make them durable and comfortable. Sometimes I steal my husband’s pair because I love them. (They are on my wish list this year). When I see my husband wear them, they give me a smile. For once, when you give a person socks they won’t groan, but cheer.


    Buy here: (https://www.fridaysock.co/collections/all/products/plane-clouds)

  2. Little Me Paper Co. (http://www.littlemepaperco.com/). When you are stuck on what to get someone, what is better than art? I have bought a few things from the founder of Little Me Paper Co., Leanne, and I am always blown away by the quality. She does everything from little calendars, custom portraits and cards. Her cards are so cute that they are worth framing. You can find Leanne with her husband, the founder of Friday Sock Co., at markets across Calgary during the Christmas season and her work is definitely worth a look. I suggest a punny card framed in a cute frame for that someone that is impossible to buy for, but you want to give a smile to.

    Buy here: (http://www.littlemepaperco.com/collections/greeting-cards-stationery/products/best-pop)

    Buy here: (http://www.littlemepaperco.com/collections/greeting-cards-stationery/products/best-pop)

  3. Alchemy Soaps. (https://www.instagram.com/alchemysoapco/). Alicia started Alchemy Soaps this spring and is just starting out, but you sure can’t tell that from her products. Normally, I loathe bar soap. My skin is extremely sensitive and everything makes it dry out, shrivel up, and break out in acne or a rash. I started using my Voldemort bar soap as soon as I bought it from Alchemy Soaps this fall and it has been amazing. It has a nice lather, foams up beautifully, and is so gentle and soothing without drying up my skin. It is so good, in fact, that I have been using it on my face in the shower every morning. My acne is disappearing and my skin isn’t super dry. She has a few other products as well (lotions and bath salts, for example) and will be at markets around Calgary this Christmas season. I strongly suggest you check her out. Her products are suitable for every gender and anyone you give this to will do a little happy dance once they start using her soap. You can read more about her company here: http://babblingpanda.com/2016/11/14/discovering-alchemy-soaps/.


    Find her here to buy online: (https://www.instagram.com/alchemysoapco/ or alicialoader@icloud.com)

  4. Green Butterfly Co. (https://greenbutterflyco.com/). Another Calgary company! Wow, there is just so much talent in this city. The founder of this company is also named Alicia and I found her at a market. I have a few things from her on my Christmas wish list, especially her deodorant. I love natural deodorant and hers smells incredible. She has sold a few to her Crossfit clients and they are all happy customers! She also has tooth powder, lip gloss, sugar scrubs, flower water mists and more. You really can’t miss if there is someone on your list that is hard to buy for. All of her stuff is great for sensitive skin, all-natural and environmentally friendly. If you know someone that is looking for toxin-free products to use in the bathroom, Alicia from Green Butterfly Co. is your girl. She is great at answering all questions you may have and can be found easily online. You can read more about her philosophy and how to get in touch with her here: http://babblingpanda.com/2016/11/30/discovering-green-butterfly-co/ or you can visit her website.
    Buy here: (https://greenbutterflyco.com/products/christmas-special-items)

    Buy here: (https://greenbutterflyco.com/products/christmas-special-items)


I hope this helps you shop this Christmas. What’s better than shopping locally, helping a small business, buying natural and creating a smile on the person’s face when they open it?



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